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circuit board

  1. T

    Beginner needing help

    I am a beginner in the whole circuit board world and need some help. Well alot really. I am trying to make some to help me in work as Ac tech. I have a drawing of what I am trying to make but not sure the best way. I have checked Amazon for different parts I need but think it will be more...
  2. R

    Battery powered COB LED illumination drop off

    PROBLEM: 24 SMD COB LED has too much illumination drop off over 3 hours. Currently powered by four 3V button batteries. PREFERRED SOLUTION: Get this battery powered LED to perform more consistently over a few hours. THE STORY: I’m working on a little project at home for a custom...
  3. jamesbulini

    HI,i wanna know what is the impedance board?

    What are the difference between impedance board & Non-impedance board? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  4. sr13579

    How to connect this audio amplifier bluetooth receiver with switches?

    Hello guys! I found this board with 25W + 25W audio output and I found that this thing has a switch controller for music and volume. But I couldn't find how to solder them. Is there anyone who used this board? Could you please help me with a diagram?
  5. A

    Repairing Automotive Check Control Box

    Hi guys, I’m working on repairing some electrical issues on my old car. The gauges are a bit wonky, some don’t work and on the special occasion that they do they bounce up and down. I am currently going through the wiring of the car, but one issue I (may) have found is the check control box...
  6. O

    Need help with alterations

    This is a circuit board for an LED head light flashlight. It has a hi, low, and stobe feature. I would like to disable the strobe feature. I am an amature, please help.
  7. M

    PCB information and resources

    Hi everyone, I am new to the site and I am looking for more information about PCB prototype designs & variations. Any info would be great! Thanks!
  8. Key Ing

    [Stupid Question] Hard drive port detached with motherboard connectors, need help fixing it.

    Hello, First of all, I'm totally inexperienced, and just someone trying to salvage a device if it's doable. I was trying to disconnect the HDD cable out of its port, but the whole thing came off with the connectors still soldered to it. I got some advice telling me it's an easy fix but I'm...
  9. K

    Need Help Repairing Old PCB

    I collect old vhs, and recently got some cool gimmick ones that light up when you press a button. However, they are almost 30 years old and no longer work. Taking a look at the pcb both were heavily corroded. I scraped off as much green corrosion as I could and replaced batteries but no luck...
  10. D

    Help repairing several Reconyx trail cameras

    Hello my fellow members, I have several Reconyx trail cameras that are broken and I am hoping someone can help me with. They cost around $600,- per camera and I am not able to send them out for warranty. These cameras are used to capture photos of wildlife (jaguars, tapir, etc.) and are...
  11. S

    Kenwood aftermarket amplifier problem

    Hello everyone, I am new on the forum. I have a older kenwood kac-7251 2 channel amplifier. It still works great except one problem, it is causing a parasitic drain on my battery. Started about a month ago, I am a auto and diesel technician so I checked parasitic draw, pulled my amp fuse and...
  12. A

    48 Volt Phantom Power Supply with Photo-Schematic. Transformer Question.

    Hey guys, This is my first post and I am happy to have found this website. I am currently working on a project using a PCB and jumper wires to make a 48v Phantom Power supply to be used with multiple condenser microphones. To make a long story short, I found a "mostly" detailed post on another...
  13. C

    How do I repair my monitor?

    My ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED stopped working. It blinks white (and then black) when plugged in, regardless of which type of which input plug I use. I know the monitor is the problem because my other monitor, which is the same make & model, works perfectly fine with the same inputs (knock on wood)...

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