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Repairing Automotive Check Control Box

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Hi guys, I’m working on repairing some electrical issues on my old car.
The gauges are a bit wonky, some don’t work and on the special occasion that they do they bounce up and down.

I am currently going through the wiring of the car, but one issue I (may) have found is the check control box which controls the gauges.

I took it apart last night, the circuit board looks fine, no broken lines or melted solder joints. But I did find this green diode(maybe?) that looked like it had gotten hot.

What is this green thing and is it something replaceable? It has 5%T7 written on it.

I am not an electronics wizard, but these little projects with my car are what I’m learning on.
A new check control module is $350, and before I drop that kind of cash I would like to prove that I need it!

Thanks in advance



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What is this green thing and is it something replaceable?
Looks like a wirewound resistor, they do tend to get quite warm in normal use, hence the darkening of the circuit board due to heat.

It has 5%T7 written on it.
Not very helpful, there is probably some more information on the underside of the resistor, next to the circuit board.



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Okay I shined a bright light on it and under it I could see 68 ohms inscribed on it
Tested it with a meter, and it’s got 68ohms
So I think you’re right, it’s just gotten hot.
I cleaned all the contacts for the plugs and placed it back on the car. Will test soon after I get the fuse box and wiring figured out
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