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ISO 10487 socket for car head unit

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Here's a source in Finland: http://www.partco.biz/verkkokauppa/index.php?cPath=23_2056&language=en

Th delphi website http://ecat.delphi.com/feature?search=12110487# is a bit hard to navigate, but you should be able to find the full part number. GM dealers should be able to get the parts.

Terminals would be separate, and each piece of the connector would be separate. e.g. pins. housings, polarization, boots, etc. Mouser.com generally sells a lot of Delphi connectors.

You will need a crimper : Hozan P-707 may work and possibly a removal tool and wire if you roll your own. You'll possibly need wire too.


The aftermarket radio generally sells them with pigtails.

These http://www.elisch.cz/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Svorkove_pasky_Wieland.pdf?Page=5# (opens to page 5) are a little big, but they make installs easier if you can find them smaller and with "wire protection". If you don;t have "wire protection" you can use wire ferrules..
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