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Wireless video transmission

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hi everyone please spare some time for helping me out of my collage project, thankyou inadvance.

i have designed a rover which is controlled wirelessly from my pc serial port to move the rover it uses an encoder followed by transmitter module(working at 433MHz) at the pc, and receiver module decoder circuit followed by relay drivers to drive the motor. my rover works for a range of 900 meters.

Now as part of my project

I want to integrate a vedio cam on the rover which should transmit live video to control the movement of the rover to the pc where i should keep viewing.

i want put some vga camera and put some encoder and transmit the video information through a 2.4GHz transmitter module.
and at the receiver side put a decoder and transfer the data to pc usb/serial port and again convert the data back to video.

i a single line i just want to construct a wireless web cam for the rover.

can anyone help me out with the details, circuit idea any small information will be a great use of mine. kindky spare some time.


Building a 2.45GHz video transmitter will required lots of tweaking and probably work out more than buying it.

I think your only option is to buy it and hack it so it fits to your robot.
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