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Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter

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how to build a vga to tv video signal circuit?

hey guys as my topic explains, my pc monitor is not working, now i'd like to connect my pc to my tv. Any one with any idea please.


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The spec's for the microwave AV sender and receiver don't say a single word about their range.


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WHy do so many people not seem to know how to make their own thread but can figure out how to reply to someone else's thread?

And how come so many people come on asking for a circuit telling no requirements and no prior effort or work on their part?


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tejaspatel_20 said:
Yes i am new to forum. Can u tell me how to ask question?
On the list of threads in the forum, at the top left, there is a button that says "New THread". It looks just like the "Post Reply" button you used to make your post.
Taira Bhai Jasim SHAH

faizanbrohi said:
Hello Everyone . Well After Building a Audio Transmitter Now i want to transmit Video Signals as well I have found This great IC . it is a VHF Audio/Video Modulator with RF Output level of 80dbuV . and i think if i connect a input of a camera and then connect an antenna at this IC's RF Out Pin and Tune into my TV i would have a Video Transmitter. The IC is from freescale semiconductor( previously Motorola semiconductor) . The IC is MC44BC375 . it is available at digi-key. The datasheet is attached . and please do comment to this topic . Thank you bye.
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Hai dear all,

Anybody got circuit of PCM-FM Transmiter and Receiver. Or do u have any idea about how to generate Pulse Code modulation using PIC 16f877A and transmit and receive it using FM. Please help me.

With regards Anilkumar
plz co-ordinate properly

Hello frndz..i'm new t this site.But y is every1 posting their own questions in sumbody's else thread....Better resolve the problem and give a concrete solution be4 asking ur own query...
can you help me about that topic?? were planning to do that as our seniors poject but our prof. demand an additional feature for that can u plz give us an idea for additional features???? tnx
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