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Some Simple FM Transmitters

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mvs sarma

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If stereo Tx is what is needed , perhaps Micromitter is the only one after their old versions. The same has been modded for better performance by One 'AN920' in another forum.
I could offer few pcbs and three chips for the same kit, if any one needs from within India (to save on heavy international courier costs).

Many of us have schematics-one needs performance and stability- but There is one out here( a mono though) nicely modded for optimal performance by Audioguru. I tried to add a PCB layout for the same. the lay out can be taken from http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/big-problem-with-small-fm-transmitter.37347/ a post dt 15th March 08.


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I'm trying to built a LED transmitter...do you think the above circuit can be re-use? (receiver will be the LDR and LM386 + 741)
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