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Wind Powered Battery Charger


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The trouble with public ownership is that it's even more corrupt, more incompetent, and loses lots more money than private ownership.
Agreed. Here in the U.S., we call that Amtrak. It does nothing but lose money.

@ Hero999: Those toilets are worse than a Greyhound bus, and I thought those were bad....


They were built by communists so there's not surprise there.

The worst thing I remember was there was no water to wash your hands.


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Suggetion required

can i connect 2 DC windchargers to charge 1 lead acid battery at the same time. if yes, how would be the cuircuit diagram?


Kahsif Sulman


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Brinda George - Simple wind generator ?? 3 windmill fans (with flexible sails ) mounted / linked with a bicycle chain = SMALL SERIES works like a LARGE + a car alternator with a cluster-gear (10-speed bicycle) mounted instead of the pulley - - The "fans" are mounted rigid (fewer moving parts) - the alternator has a built-in regulater - POWERS a battery bank - an inverter converts the 12v. to 110 v. <like a motorhome] ((scaled-down version of Dutch windmills)) The cluster gears make the difference in light to heavy winds = a solenoid shifts gears.

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