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Will the Digitech QC-1929 (AKA Hantech 6022BE) work for my needs?

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I have a small pendulum driven DC generator project and I need to either record the output waveforms or log the raw data from the generator output (ideally both).

The image below shows the kind of output I'm expecting based on the speed of the pendulum swing at steady state.

While the image only shows ~5seconds I would plan on logging the output over a period of 1 to 3 minutes during which time I expect there to be intermittent periods of zero output.

Can this device measure both current and voltage simultaneously?

Does it only display what's going on at a moment or can I read back previous measurements?

I'm a new to using these kinds of instruments so please forgive my ignorance. I'm looking at this instrument specifically because it's not too expensive and available locally.


Link to hardware

Link to manual

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As far as I can tell that unit does not have a "data logger" facility and can only save oscilloscope displays.

Have a look at something like this:

Whatever you get will be a voltage input device so you need to translate current to voltage. That may be as simple as adding a low value resistor in the generator ground or negative connection, so a small voltage is developed across that proportional to the current.

Edit - more info on that unit:


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Here is what I left you in the other forum you posted your question in:

As drawn in your sketch your voltage seems to be about 5 volts peak and you also mention current. Since a scope and similar devices will display a peak to peak voltage your current needs to be converted to a voltage. You will need some form of signal condition to take the signal you have which is current and get it to what you want voltage which is proportional to the current. Do you have a plan for that. Your signal as drawn also looks to be slow or roughly about 1 Hz or sub one Hz.

aberrant21 said:
While the image only shows ~5seconds I would plan on logging the output over a period of 1 to 3 minutes during which time I expect there to be intermittent periods of zero output.​
With that in mind unless you really want a scope and plan to use a scope for other applications I would consider any of the dozens of little data loggers available. For what you show you really don't need very much. Here are a few examples of what I am suggesting. Depending on your current signal conditioning even the $60 USD version would Here are some considerations when choosing a scope. There are dozens of data acquisition units out there and here is another example. Most of these DAQ devices include the needed software which also allows for user annotation and will export the data in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) which can be exported to for example Excel or similar spreadsheet software to create a spreadsheet including a chart on the spreadsheet.

I not sure your scope will do what you want. My read is you get what amounts to a snapshot of a single trace. I am not sure it it has differential vertical inputs which are a real nice to have. I just tend to favor a device designed for what I want to do such as data acquisition with software to match.The DATAQ starter kits I mentioned include enough basic software free to allow you to do what you want to do.

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