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  1. V

    Multimeter capacitance value - ADC readings

    I have set up my raspberry pi to read from the MAX1204. To know if I'm reading the proper value, I use a multimeter at the input channel of the ADC, and compare it to what I read through my program. This works great. However, when I disconnect my multimeter, I don't read the same value. If I was...
  2. A

    Will the Digitech QC-1929 (AKA Hantech 6022BE) work for my needs?

    I have a small pendulum driven DC generator project and I need to either record the output waveforms or log the raw data from the generator output (ideally both). The image below shows the kind of output I'm expecting based on the speed of the pendulum swing at steady state. While the image...
  3. P

    FLUKE 1734 Energy Logger

    Hi everyone, I'm currently undertaking a project where we are taking energy readings using the FLUKE 1734 Energy Logger. The project is a trial but we want to have it looking as well as possible, so it'd be great if we could see live energy data on the application we've built. Does anybody...
  4. A

    How to determine a current is AC or DC by use of analog multimeter?

    How can I determine a current is AC or DC by use of an analog multimeter, or its workarounds in rudimentary tools / equipment ?
  5. E

    Multimeter fuse voltages

    Hello. I'm not sure about this. There're multimeter that use 600 or 1000V fuses for current measurements protection (200, 400 mA or whatever), and others that use 250V fuses. All multimeters being able to work with DC/AC voltages up to 600V. What does this imply? Whats the difference between...
  6. Clarkdale44

    Is this built in fuse on pcb or what?

    Hello Is this fuse of some sort? or just an empty space for installing pcb based fuse socket? This is the circuit board of my new cheap dmm, my last one broke when i mistakenly inserted the leads in mains while the red lead was in 10A socket. I just thought if there was a fuse inside the...

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