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who's the maker?


New Member
Can someone please help me ID these SOT-23? I'd like to get specs on them for replacements.
They're on an ASUS Z97 board. Or do I have to get them off a donor board? Thanks in advance.
t04 appear to be NPN general purpose (PMBS3904) .. WCM not sure.

An initial shot at a guess and a bit of meter work in diode check mode to confirm your suspicions should suffice.



New Member
The holiday has slowed things down a bit, but finally got to test today. The T04 tests like an npn, with .65v-.85v on c/e pins. Several of them are showing open on one side or the other, or conducting in both directions. The WCM is more of a question mark. It tests like a common cathode dual regulator, with signals going from pins 1/2 to pin 3. The signal from pin 2 to pin 3 is uniformly .55v . The signal from pin 1 to pin 3 varies from .65v to 1.0v and about a third of them show OL. Let me know if there are any other considerations here, otherwise I'll see if I get any improvement from replacing all of these.

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