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Where to start PCB design!

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afsar hussain

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Hi everyone!
I am new to PCB design. I design circuit manually but basic one now I want to do more serious circuit design using the simulator and design software. Please suggest me good beginning software and easy one so that I can understand and master it myself. Thanks!:)


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Another option is Kicad


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In my opinion I prefer KiCad. The newer version 5 is fixing the library issues. Plus its free and no limits, not like eaglecad.


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I've installed Kicad but not had a chance to use it yet. The rate that autodesk are releasing updates to eagle I'll need a new drive soon just for the old versions.



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I use Kicad on a daily basis at work now as my chosen schematic drawing package. I've not tried the PCB part as I use Sprint Layout (for speed).


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Does Kicad still have its Freerouter feature? I have been using Freerouter, which was set up on my computer years ago, instead of online.


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To get an intelligent PCB layout one did not use the auto router. This was true at least on the layout software hobby types could get their hands on. I used Eagle and about the only time auto route came in handy was when I had one seemly impossible wire to route and did not much care how it got there.

I curious how well Freerouter works.

One nice thing about the high end packages is that you can create one schematic an use it for both simulation and PCB layout.

Just my 3 cents
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