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  1. A

    Where to start PCB design!

    Hi everyone! I am new to PCB design. I design circuit manually but basic one now I want to do more serious circuit design using the simulator and design software. Please suggest me good beginning software and easy one so that I can understand and master it myself. Thanks!:)
  2. J

    Electric defects simulation program/sofftware

    Good afternoon to everyone. I am researching about electrical protections in the industry and I was wondering if anyone knows any program to simulate the defects that affect electrical systems. Thanks in advance
  3. sr13579

    Help me understand what is happening with my NGSPICE coding..

    The thing is, I am confused with rawfile and .print card (spice.out file). There are like 3 options for rawfile generation: NONE,COMPACT and ACCURATE. While I am using NONE with the .print card the result is going inside a .out file without generating a rawfile. But when I am using ACCURATE or...
  4. B

    4-6 wire "triggering trap" circuit

    I'm trying to build a 4-6 wire "trigger trap" circuit that has a piece of paper with information about the next clue in a scavenger hunt, inside of a box(or something similar) with a water Balloon resting on top. A pressure plate would be in play, so if the students try to lift the water...

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