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Where To Buy Electronic Components And Parts!

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USA (global) suppliers:

UK suppliers

Australian suppliers:

New Zealand suppliers:

Belgium suppliers:


USA (global) suppliers:

Australian suppliers:

If you find any mistakes or have any updates please post a reply.

NOTE: If you are a representative from a company and wish to be listed please send me a private message, do not post your own advert as it will be deleted.
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Hi EM,

Really great idea to add this list on the forum.

Another supplier in USA is BG Micro at http://www.bgmicro.com/


I am a fan of BG Micro myself. They will accept walk in business, though they aren't geared towards it. It is an interesting experience.


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For hardware, materials and parts you might want to add Grainger in the U.S. (Not an electronics supplier, but lots of other bits and pieces, including motors, etc.)

By the way, you misfiled Allied Electronics under the "hardware" category. They're a full-line electronics vendor.

(Also, as the lists grow longer, you might consider alphabetizing them.)


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recently i found a place to order cheap price electronic components, has any guys visited this website....http://www.hqew.net i found several products there with lower prices compared with other online shops.

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Digi-key, Mouser and Newark have just about everything. Octoparts can be used to find stock and compare prices.
I am not exactly patient type so I prefer Mouser and Newark because of faster shipping and nicer search/info (Digi is nice too).
Times of course depend on stock as well as your location.
For me, order placed 5-6PM will often be delivered in the morning (that's less than 24h).
Can't complain about that...


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It appears no one has said anything about PCB manufacturing, which could be a great help for a lot of members on this forum.
The manufacturer I have used a couple of times is www.10PCB.com. I was very pleased with the quality of the boards, and also with how promptly they were made. I put in my order (using an Eagle file) on a Friday, and I received my boards by the following thursday (maybe wednesday, I can't remember exactly). Anyway, definitely worth knowing about :D
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www.reichelt.de does Europe and its way cheaper and better than Conrad.
for Australia www.futurlec.com.au its somewhere in Asia, pretty cheap and can take a while to get your stuff. They do PCB boards as well.
Farnell / element14 has more than RS, both are not cheap and last time it took 2 weeks for some bog standard capacitors from element14.
Then there is always ebay....
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