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Where To Buy Electronic Components And Parts!


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Delextreme, now DX.com has really started posting a lot of electronics stuff lately. Programmers, bare chips, a lot of Arduino and STM32 stuff, a bunch of sensor boards, descretes, and packages of assorted descretes. I picked up the MPU6050 board, because I'm too lazy to make my own, also a Segger J-Link clone.

Just watch out with the descretes, a lot of things like resistors, capacitors, and leds are cheaper from someplace like Mouser/Digikey if you don't factor in the shipping. If you are ordering from Mouser/Digikey/Newark anyway, you should just throw in a bunch of various descretes rather than get the bundles from DX. At least price them out first.

Edit: also look at the packages of buttons, switches, USB connectors....

Breadboard power supply module $3.60

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor $4 - Remember when these things were like $30
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I'm Electronics Hobbyist. I can’t anything without PCB. PCB plays important role of Electronic and Electrical Sides. I'm using actpcb and most reliable, affordable, best quality, Urgency. The design technology has improved with PCB CAD systems and PCB software to layout the boards better, and also analyses the performance under conditions such as the operation at high frequencies. 1,083,144 Electronic Components in Ebay.

For more details click below link.
PCB manufacturer
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Another addition for the UK: http://www.esr.co.uk/
especially for some hard-to-get near obsolete semiconductors. I prefer the more usual suppliers like Farnell or Rapid for run-of-the-mill stuff, but ESR have a few odds'n'sods all to themselves.
Maplin's prices for electronic components and their after-sales service (not) are very uncompetitive.

Yet another supplier for hard to get semiconductors in the UK is : http://www.cricklewoodelectronics.com/Cricklewood/search.php
Robolab Technologies,

You can find each and every component that is used in robot manufacturing.

Controllers & Computers
Robot Servos
Motors & Wheels
Linear Actuators
Robot Sensors
Vision and Cameras
Lighting and Displays
Data I/O, Relay, and Phidgets I/O Boards
Robot Cables & Wiring
Hardware & Tools


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I checked prices with several places some were very expensive but I found one place Tayda Electronics that is very cheap much cheaper than ebay parts from China. I ordered 260 parts for $8.26 including postage, 80% less than what I paid for the same parts from China. This was much easier than ebay I did not have to search over and over and buy parts from 34 different places.
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I value shop constantly amongst eBay, Tayda Electronics , BangGood. Excellent quality and prices to be had. If Tayda and Banggood don't have it check eBay.

Remember HK / China / Malaysia / Phillipines take a bit longer to arrive. You will get your items - they do care. Order in advance and be patient. I usually receive items in 2 weeks.

Microcontrollershop, Pololu , Futurlec , - Good deals on some things some times.

The only quality or quantity issues I have had in recent years are with Electronic Goldmine and All Electronics - They will fix problems promptly, but some days they can't count or ship from the rubbish bin. 10 years ago they had much better deals...
Generally overpriced, but check anyway:
Electronic Goldmine
All Electronics Corp.
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I'm surprised no-one has mentioned CPC http://cpc.farnell.com the consumer arm of Farnell
They are doing free postage at the moment, don't know if they charge to use private credit/debit cards though, which Farnell do (thank goodness that fact stopped me getting a Tenma meter from them!). Building up an order at the moment so I'll find out soon...


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Unless things have changed now they are amalgamated, but Newark in Canada (Farnell-Element 14- Newark) was high on prices and delivery.
I use either Digikey or Jameco.


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Most of the time I prefer McMaster
I second this. We use McMaster Carr a lot where I work, they have good quality products and are able to ship overnight. Not so much electronic components/parts, but definitely mechanical.

For the record, I do not work for McMaster, and this is not a paid advertisement. Just a comment from a happy customer.


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