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What speed internet conection do you have?

What speed internet conection do you have?

  • 56K (let me gues dial up)

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  • 100K

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  • 10M

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  • Whats this "internet conection"?

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  • I dont have internet

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  • I like chicken!

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instruite said:
Internet speed is marked with Mbits.
I also thought the same
But when I checked now on my office computer while downloading an file using IE
it showed 200KB/s
So i guess download speeds are marked in Bytes/s rather than Bits/s
Yes, But I said Internet speed (As Advertised by ISPs), ofcourse Download speed (marked in KB/s) is more useful.
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You shod see how crapy ADSL is provided by Arnes.It can be worse than dialup.So its cheap.

The thing downloads 10kB/s!!! somtines even down to 2 kB/s.


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That depends on where you are getting your download from, if the server can only give 2K/sec you will only download at that speed...

Try downloading something large on bittorrent (something good with a lot of seeds), that's a true test for internet speed...
700Kb/sec is nothing special :)


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I used to have reasonable speed but since our local provider sold far more local bandwidth than they have available my internet speed tends to run around the old Morse Code rates of the 1870's most days now. :mad:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code For those of you who don't know what Morse code is. :p


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6+ years, then the last post gets resurrected...
What will speeds likely be, six years from now?
I'm sure someone will dig this thread up, to remind us.


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Six years ago I was on 256k, now,

an increase of 4500%.

Shortly, my apartment block is switching to fiber and so it should be 10 times faster.



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Today I am seeing down at about 20.5 Mbps and up at .98 Mbps. What annoys me is the slow up. The down is always fine but I frequently upload files to a server so the large files take forever.



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I have no problem with this thread coming back to life. If it bugs you do not read it.
Where's the consistency within this forum?

As depicted by the above post from a MOD, I can get instantly rebuked for pointing out that someone is replying to a thread which ended six years ago, but it appears to be perfectly acceptable for someone else, another MOD, to point it out within a thread which has been similarly resurrected after a much longer period of time:
...and by the actual OP!

"If it bugs you do not read it."
I don't see a similar post within the linked thread above...

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Where's the consistency within this forum?
Well apparently about 35% of us at this point like chicken.

I wonder if I will get OT moderated for this comment?


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Where's the consistency within this forum?
The reason that resurrected threads are a bad idea is because the OP generally is seeking help or an answer. After a period of time it is pointless to continue the thread.

This thread is a reoccurring topic. Numerous people are interested in it and it does not become stale or otherwise dated.

IFF you want to continue this do so in site feedback and I will move the off topic posts. Please do not continue here.
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A little slow here:

ping 83 ms
download 3.52 Mbps
upload 0.41 Mbps......

Afreeka where slow is better...just ask the Masses :( Slow rocks....better than buggerall :wideyed:. The ruling party is not done yet...many more opportunities to break things that were working properly once......

Shakes head and walks away. And shuts up :)

Thanks Joe for posting.

All the best,
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