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What kind of modulation is used in this waveform?


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In the XBEE module datasheet, it is mentioned that the Moore modulation used in it is FSK, but the spectrum observed is as follows. Which modulation is related to this shape?1.jpeg


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What is "Moore modulation"?


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Well, the spectrum is not familiar to me. It doesn't look like the kinds of FSK that I have worked with. It is hard to guess the modulation characteristics from this sort of picture. If the total span of the screen is 500KHz, then I assume each horz division is 62.5 KHz which means that those sidebands are equally spaced at about 8.9 KHz apart, and with higher power sidebands at 89 KHz before the level drops away. Are those numbers close to anything familiar in your expectation?


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You were almost right.
The side bands are about 12.5 kHz(These side bands are not repeated in all waveforms, )but,there is a peak in all the waveforms in the 125 kHz band.
My datarate is 115,200 kbps and has a frequencyhopping of 902-928 MHz.

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