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What is the Hz of the 1960s 23 channel CB radios?

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I sold my old CB radios today on CL, $40 for both transceivers, with mics & several antennas. I'm not sure that was a good price but don't need them anymore. I got A+ in electronic class project 1969 used CB radio for mobile telephone I could make phone calls from my car. I tested the CBs last week to make sure they still work and they work good. Guy that bought them is actually going to use them. I told him it might be illegal he said, there mine now. That makes me wonder, I think they were 27 MHz but not sure. I wonder what those CB radios will interfere with these days?


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In the UK they were 27MHz and so were R/C systems. Not sure what uses that frequency anymore.



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My RC model airplanes and helicopters use 2.4GHz so they don't crash each time a CB'r hollers "Breaker" on his CB radio.
I think the 2.4GHz uses spread spectrum technology and automatically selects vacant frequencies so the model transmitters do not interfere with each other.


I popped high school 1970, CBs were like stupid on steroids.
Everybody had a unit and a "handle".
Might as well handed 5 year olds grenades.

My brother built a couple "linear" amps.
Problem was his background was mechanical -- NO RF concepts at All.
When he keyed the 500W unit (feeding a "dual quad" on a 70 ft tower), All the TVs, FM & AM radios within ~1/2 mile radius just went Nuts.
I think cell phones superseded them, but I'm not sure it's a net positive.
Never saw a CB user trip on a curb or fall into a fountain... But I AM my title... <<<)))

PS, for audioguru: I 'mem Big signs "NO CBs" in construction zones and RC gatherings...
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