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Want to (wire) remote a volume switch

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I have an inexpensive AM/FM unit that I want to install in a specialty car. I want to install a wired remote on/off volume switch. I do not want to remote the treble/bass switch. I have photographed the original switch which you can see here.
My questions are: (1) How do I ID the wires for the on/off circuit and (2) the volume control circuit. Once I have ID'd the right wires I want to change them over to the remote switch which would be, of course, a simple pot with off/on control (but I don't even know what kind to get). I have played around with my VOM trying to isolate the off/on switch but have not even been successful there. I have just enough understanding of stuff at this level to not be considered 'ignorant', but do qualify as 'dangerous'!
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