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Wall touch cct led controller - capacitive touch mcu


New Member
I am looking for any datasheet for mi-light p2 touch switch capacitive touch mcu. It's connected by I2C to other mcu - STM8S003F3P6 witch drives mosfets etc. I was able to connect to it with arduino and after I2C scan I got it's adress - 0x53, the pins are 10 - gnd, 9 - Vin, 10 - sck, 11 - sda and 8 output's low when sensor is touched. I am trying to use this wall touch switch to controll light's trough wifi, that's why I want to 'talk' with mcu by it's i2c bus. The mcu itself hasn't any markings on it.


New Member
Unfortunately it's not any of these. Anyway I have done i2c sniffing to read what data STM8S003F3P6 sends to this mcu and I got all register values from there. Successfully I got it working after sending this values from Arduino as I2C master.
That's what was sniffed from master mcu:

Mcu sends back 5 bytes response. Maybe somebody could use this informations to find right datasheet.


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