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walky talky circuit

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walkie talkie circuit

:D hello, are you familiar with mini FM transceiver? thats your walkie talkie circuit. browse in the net (electronic circuits) and you will find it there. even in this forum you will find it, just cant pinpoint where.

happy hunting :wink:


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I've made some reverse engineering for repair. Never seen primitiver cicuit. If You have many time, maybe can rebuild....



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pls. help me build my own walkie talkie.I would use it on our war games.. I will really appreciate your help....tnx...


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Over the years there have been many transceiver designs published for amateur radio - in books or magazines. Many of these publications include quite a bit of guidance. All of these are intended for use by licensed amateurs. I would agree with comments by others that it would cost more to build your own - unless you have access to free parts, circuit boards, etc.


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Some countries on Earth are like a different planet. Ordinary things like FRS radios cannot be purchased there. Maybe because people there don't have any money to buy ordinary things.
Maybe there is a lot of poverty in The Philippines.


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not all people in the Philippines are poor maybe batusai2425 want only to make here own walkie takie. i know Philippines is very beautiful and Filipinos are hospitable.. no descrimination please
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