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Virtual Reality for 8-bit 6502 CPU Computer


New Member
I have built a virtual reality headset for an 8-bit 6502 computer.

Previously, I built a 6502-based breadboard computer:


Now I've created a virtual reality peripheral for that computer, called Vectron VR:


To demonstrate the system, I've developed the 3D game "Asteroids VR". Put the headset on and you'll be sitting in the 3D cockpit of a spaceship blasting away at asteroids that appear to be floating towards you.

I've got pictures, video, circuit diagrams, a bill of materials, and lots of descriptive text on my github page (https://github.com/nickbild/vectron_vr). My Vectron 64 computer (https://github.com/nickbild/vectron_64) is similarly documented, so it's possible for others to build their own complete system.

I hope this is of interest here!

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