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Very random-maybe wrong place to post-tv type

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Hi all, to to waste some people's time, but I thought this site may be a good place to find a TV make/model from a long time ago. I figured this would be good because it's..... electronic, haha, so hopefully someone knows.

I'm looking for the make or model of a hand held TV. It would flip open. Had a long pull out antenna. It was silver in color. It had a am/FM radio built into it. It could fit in a large pocket. It was fairly flat. It was likely produced around 1995ish. I loved that thing. The ones I've seen seen today I'm not interest in, because they don't flip and they are to big, and don't have a radio.

If no one remembers that, does anyone know what manufacturer it may have been or who may manufacture something like that today?



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TVs of that vintage will be for analogue signals, of course. Has your country gone digital yet?
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