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tv repair

  1. J

    TV Repair - Accidentally brought back to life (momentarily) with a DMM!

    I was probing voltages on the pins of the TVs Logic board (going to the Time-Control Board) and suddenly it came to life! The power supply did not sound healthy to me, but maybe I'm mistaken. I'm trying to get the video uploaded to listen to the sound it makes. After I power cycled the TV it...
  2. Mark G. Cooper Sr.

    Need Guidance - Repairing Visio Model SV370XVT Flat Panel TV

    Greetings To All ! I am brand new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been struggling to find a resolution to an apparent common problem I am experiancing with a Visio Model SV370XVT flat panel TV. When the set is first powered on the display has a very narrow blue bar across...
  3. J

    Very random-maybe wrong place to post-tv type

    Hi all, to to waste some people's time, but I thought this site may be a good place to find a TV make/model from a long time ago. I figured this would be good because it's..... electronic, haha, so hopefully someone knows. I'm looking for the make or model of a hand held TV. It would flip...
  4. E

    Vizio m65-c1 Power supply board

    Having a problem finding the problem on the power supply board. The board turns on and off in a 2 hz pattern. Checked the input capacitors and they are all good and never drain even after remove the input supply. Tested all the mosfets and they check out good. Checked the opto isolators and...
  5. S

    ViewSonic VA912b Monitor. Goes black after turning the monitor on from the off position.

    Hi, I have been having this issue for while and can figure it out. Do you think it might be a cap that might be going bad or something else? Just so I am more clear with my headline. I shut my monitor off at night then in the morning I turn it on, but what happens is that when I turn it on it...
  6. C

    TV White Screen

    I have a Vizio TV that powers on to an all white screen. Doesn't show menu, channel, volume, input, ect. I have taken it apart and none of the capacitors seem to be blown. Any ideas what an all white screen signifies?
  7. J

    My TV doesn't turn on. How to repair it?

    I have an old CRT tv and when I try to turn on I press the button, but nothing happens. What could be broken? Should I start checking the fuse?

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