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Variable Amp Help?

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can anyone suggest a solution to this problem. Im want to build a platform that rotates at variable speeds. here are my needs.

1. I need to place the platform over 100ft away so I want to use Cat5 cable to use to control it.

2. I want to use a High Tourqe motor around 1 amp DC to drive the platform.

3. I want to not only control the motor on/off but its speed.

So it's simple right? He He I wish. Here are my thoughts please feel free to help me. I began reading and figured I could build a small controller with a potientimeter set-up to control a small DC voltage out to my platform, which is around 100 ft away. At the platform I though I could use that Variable DC voltage in from the controller to Step-Up in voltage from a local DC input. Therefore keeping the current down in the Cat5 cable.

Thats the quick summary. Basically I want to control a robotic platform from a 100+ ft away. Any ideas?

Im new to Circuitry and such so that's why im here. It seems that people are willing to help and share ideas. Anything is appreciated.


Hi fmeroney,

I think I can answer to your question 3. In a very simple manner, motor speed could be controlled by a 3 terminal variable voltage regulator IC (317K), which (when fitted to a suitable heat sink) can supply output currents up to 1.5A and has an output that is fully protected against short circuit and overload conditions. Please send a mail to [email protected] so that I could send full details.
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