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UV curable paint for PCB

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Please expand a bit.

What sort of paint do you need?

Is it for solder resist?


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I want to apply a coat of paint over an etched PCB leaving the pads exposed. With UV curable paint a mask will prevent paint from curing under the masked/dark areas.

Any reason it needs to be UV-curable instead of just air-dry?
One would have to apply some sort of mask to prevent the paint from sticking to the the PCB. The solder paste stencil should work for this.

One would have to find a suitable masking material and a paint that worked with it. Unless the paints pull back from the masking material it will form a bridge as it drys.

I am open to suggestion on air dry paints but UV cure sounds both easier and more precise.


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I have postive spray, I bought some time ago.
I don't need it. But where are you located?
I am in toronto


How are yo going to place the mask over the paint without it sticking to it?


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I hesitate to suggest it, but there's this stuff -
Amazon.com: OPI Microbond UV-Cure Top Coat: Beauty

Ok, yeah, it's nail polish. But it's UV cure nail polish. Comes in a little brush-on applicator bottle, works with a UV lamp they have at salons.
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