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I'm currently undergoing my training at a well known company.I have been assigned with a hardware project. Here is the description of the project:

I need to create a circuit that will switch ON automatically at a time fixed by the company.For example since the company starts operation at 8am, the machine must switch ON automatically at that time.Then it will OFF automatically at 5pm. I have to install this additional circuit to a machine.

If anybody is willing to help,please provide me your e-mail address as soon as possible.Please help as I need the circuit urgently.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated....Thank you.


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Before you do too much work i highly sugest that you cheack the electrical code to make sure that the device you want to autostart is permited to self start by code. Also be sure you have a manual clock override (ie you dont want that plant starting and running all night on a holiday weakend when no one is around)

Im not sure what resources you have available on this project but the simple industrial solution is to use a PLC.
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