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I am trying to source decent ultrasonic emitter and recievers with a wide dispersion angle - similar to the sensors found on the front and back of most modern cars (parking sensors). i have only been able to get sensors with a narrow angle - so it only detects objects directly in front of them, like in a strait line - so any help in getting some nice emmiters / recievers would be greatly appreciated.

the diagram on the left shows the area where my sensors will detect at the mo, and the diagram on the right shows the area i would like them to sense.

the sensors i am using are




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ultasonic alarm

:D hello there tindy,

will a coverage area of 7' x 15' tear drop-shaped area be good enough for you? :)


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ultrasonic sensors

:D hello everybody,

tindy should have posted the part number of these ultrasonic sensors, anyway i was the one who provided him the schem, so heres the part number:

Sender - MA40L1S
Receiver - MA40L1R

am sorry i cant help him where to procure although this is available in my country, but am sure there are guys who can help.

thanx :D
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