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Help me find info about ultrasonic transducers

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Hi everyone

I'm new here and I hope I made my post in right forum.
Here goes the story,
for my graduation work or diploma (not sure how you call it) professor told me to make Ultrasonic Switch
Original schematics wasn't working but we found a way through numerous changes and replacements to make it work.
Since the main elements are ultrasonic transmitter and receiver professor told me that I should find and write some information about them.

As much as I remember he told to search on how ultrasonic transducers work, how they convert voltage into ultrasonic sound and vice-versa, maybe some graphs, description and so on.
And so far I came up only with this info, some general specifications which is not enough.

Please can someone help me by giving me hits on where to search or what to type in Google?

Any help or answer would be appreciated. :)
Not open for further replies.

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