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Ultrasensitive Amplifier Chip

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Hiya everyone, I'm new to this forum
Dunno why they put a 3rd yr electronics engineering student as an electronics noob, but.........
Anyway, I'm working on a project to improve modem transmission over long distances via Multiple Phase Shift Keying (MPSK). I need a sensitive voltage amp chip to be fitted on a veroboard, have been trying to find 1 from farnells website but it appears that all their amps are industrial sized (read: BIG). Anyone out there have ideas?
PS: a circuit diagram of said amp will be really helpful


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Have you looked into instrumentation amps? Burr Brown has some with really high input impedance. You can get them in a DIP8 package which should make prototyping easy. Digikey has a bunch of them.

P.S. I think your posted electronics experience is based on your number of posts and/or time you've been a member.

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