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Trying to make "shock box" HELP!

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hey guys i am trying to make a novelty shock box but i am having a hard time locating plans for such a device. i only wish a mild shock to be used among my friends. any help would be great. thx


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Connect the primary of a 120v/6.3v transformer to screws on the outside of the box.
Connect the secondary to a pushbutton switch and a battery in series.
To use it, touch the screws to your friend and push and release the button.


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Off topic

Hi, star882
I just went to your site, whats rare about those LED's? they look like perfectly normal leds to me :roll:


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try to take apart a regular camera. the circuit has a transformer that coverts 1.5v into 330v and charges a capacitor, for the flash bulb. try searching on the internet for disposable camera stun gun. i made one with a used camera and it works well, and packs a puch. also to get more power you can always add more capacitors from different cameras, but it will take longer to charge.


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dont do it!!

please dont use the capacitors from a flash camera, these babys can take the end off a screw driver. they will probably not do your fingers much good either. and i doubt your friends will find it very funny either.
they can be used for all sorts of fun stuff, but not giving "cute" little shocks, they will burn the sh1t out of your skin!
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