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Trying to fix a Breville Main Board, need Thyristor identification (I think)


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My son was trying to figure out why the pump failed on our espresso machine. He found that one of the electrical tabs on the pump had broken off, but in the process he shorted the pump wires and it caused a spark. No, he did not unplug the machine before he took it apart. When I put a new pump in, and then plugged the machine into the wall, the pump started pumping with the main switch in the off position. So something bad happened.

I took a look at the main board and one of the thyristors (at least I think that's what it's called) was broken, a big chunk of it was lifted and cracked. No printed markings on the thyristor, but there were some very faint imprints. The imprinted text was damaged by where it cracked, so I have to guess on what it says. The closest I could get to was: BT136 600D. There were letters and numbers below that, 027 A7 0073. Only one other board component looked damaged, the one resistor near the thyristor seemed a bit burnt and I'll replace that. I think I will be lucky if the thyristor is the only ruined component. If it still doesn't work, they still make the main board, so I think the espresso machine is salvagable either way.

I've attached photos of the board after I desoldered the SCR and the broken part. I drew a box around where the part was on the board before I removed it.

Would this replacement work? https://www.digikey.com/en/products...-kong)-co.,-limited/BT136-600D/DG,127/2779834

Thanks in advance for any advice!



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The one in the first photo looks like it is a a BT136-600D Triac.
The part from Digikey should be an exact replacement.

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