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Triac fun

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I am trying to drive a 120VAC light bulb with a pin on a microcontroller.

I am using a Triac and Optocoupler circuit to try and do this...

I am using the circuit shown on Motorolla's MOC 3012 datasheet... (the triac I am using is a 2025 l6)...

I cannot get this circuit to work... any ideas???

Any suggestions for a better way to power an AC device with a microcontroller?


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Without Your circuit cannot help....
My circuit always work. I've posted it to Projects section.


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I couldn't find a website to post the image.. .I'll try and "draw" it

330ohm _moc3012_ 180ohm
5v o--/\/\/\------| |------/\/\/\---------------------HOT
TTL logic---------| | |
| | MT2
--------------__________ V^
|----- / |MT1
gate | RL

Darn... it took all the spaces out.... basically its TRIAC#1 cct at


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Sebi... thank you for posting the cct... I cannot get that circuit to work... I would bet my triac is not working the way yours works, or my light bulb is not resistive enough (125V, 1/2W power...)

Can you please tell me which TRIAC you used (the part number)

Eventually I will need this circuit to run an inductive load... but I thought I should first get it to work with a resistive load...
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