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Transmitting towards Personal Computer

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hi there,

i currently are learning license free wireless transmission through nigel's tutorial 12. while i try to understand the coding , there's some line i have fall into and i am unsure.. part of the receiver side coding for tutorial 12 the last part (tutorial 12.5) which interfacing PC and PIC using RS232 , nigel did convert those data from hexadecimal into decimal and also stated in the tutorial page as follows:-

"The receiver converts the two 10 bit values into decimal, and sends them to the PC over RS232 as ASCII characters, separated by a comma, and ended with a CR/LF - this will display nicely in HyperTerminal, and is easily imported into many PC programs"

in that case , if my receiver side output just go to some normal application (matrix display) i do not need to convert it to decimal right??

thanks for reaching me some help =)

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