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Does the replacement need to be the same package type, or do you just need a high power BJT? Certainly for a TO-3 case, 2N3055 is already one of the cheapest and most commonly available types.

What is the application? for some things like a high power switching application, MOSFETs can also sometimes be used.

Chris Edwards

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The TIP3055 is in a TO-218 package and has a power dissipation of 90 W max. The 2N3055 is in a TO-3 package and has a power dissipation of 115 W max. So, you can use 2N3055 instead of TIP3055.


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OK, now we need to know where they are being used.

In general, recommended replacements would be:
MJL21193 (PNP)
MJL21194 (NPN)
NJW0302G (PNP)
NJW0281G (NPN)
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am using transistor 2SA1943 & 2SC5200 as my final out put at +100v - 100v but they over heat
Changing the transistor won't change the amount of heat dissipated.
You need a bigger heat sink for the transistors.
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