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Touch-Sensitive Finger Drums

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Hi guys :D

I've been wanting to know how the technology works inside these finger-drums. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me the type of touch-sensitive technology it uses. plus if you have any examples (pics) that show close resemblance of the circuit boards used for these finger-drums, that'd be much appreciated! below are links to the product I'm talking about:

finger drums: YouTube - Finger Drums Tabletop Electric Drum Set

another product which is similar: Finger Drums - I Want One Of Those

:confused: 4 things i would like to know:

1. What type of touch-sensitive technology / circuit does it use?
2. How does the wiring look like inside? (example of pics would be great!)
3. Would it be expensive / easy to make? (DIY)
4. Last but not least, I basically want to know how the insides work from the circuit board, to the wiring, to how much voltage it uses etc.

cheers! :)


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The touch sensitive technology is probably a pushbutton.

The wiring inside will include a microcontroller and a speaker. It runs on 3 AAA batteries -- 4.5 volts. If you have some electronics and microcontroller experience is would probably not be that hard to build, otherwise you will have a lot to learn.

I doubt if you will find anone who has actually taken one of those things apart to give you the exact circuit it uses.


He's not hitting it that hard phoenox. Probably simple capacitive based sensors, the IC's for those are cheap nowdays. The second one may use a simple mat type push sensor. My steps-son has a drum t-shirt that's a thin mat you press on to trigger the drums.

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If you want to roll your own, have a look at the eDrum project here;

its a very nice open-source electrinic drums you can build yourself, but a little complex for a beginner although they do sell kits to make it easier.

Or if you want ultra simple easy to build you can see the MIDI-bash project;
Official Home Page of the Roman Black

which is not touch sensetive but just fixed volume drums. However you can make them in an afternoon for about $5 worth of parts.

Both of the above projects require a MIDI drum player, to make the actual sounds. You can get freeware PC ones though.


I have a circuit diagram for a capacitive touch sensor circuit using logic i.c. and couple of components somewhere - I will try to dig it up!
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