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Timed voltage controller

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This is my first post here.

I have a very basic knowledge of eletronics.

I'd lik to know if there is a such a device that will take an input voltage (DC) and when pulsed once it will increase it's output voltage from 0v to 12v's then back to 0v again over a set period of time ie: 4sec's (2up-2down)

Is this possible?, the voltage increase and decrease must be smooth and linear.

Any advice/suggestions would be most appreciated :)

Thanks :)


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[scratch suggestion about using a one-shot - didn't see smooth and linear requirement]
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I am not aware of anything on the commercial market, but to design and build one by me would not be very difficult. A Lot depends upon the load of the 12V supply. In other words if the variable voltage has to supply a certain amount of current, it may be a little more complicated.


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This will depend on how basic your electronics skills are, but this is a circuit that I built to generate a slow triangle wave (0V-5V). The output is actually 256 "steps" from minimum to maximum voltage. With an RC filter on the output, you could produce a smoother ramp.

What are you trying to do?



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