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Time/delay circuit

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I know this is something simple but i've done a little searching and can't find what i'm looking for and it's been a while since digital logic courses, but i can't work it up form scratch for the life of me....

I'm looking for digital logic circuit/gate that everything starts at 0 (low) and then if high is input, the output is high, but only for about 5 seconds, then the output goes low again, nomatter if the input stays high or goes low again.

I hope i explained it clearly, but basically the effect would be, press a button to turn on a LED or something for 5 seconds or so, if you hold the button down it goes for 5 seconds and turns off, if you press it and let go it will hold it for 5 seconds and turn off, either way once the led goes low it is ready to be turned on again.



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Hi Luis,

Sounds like you mean a flip-flop circuit.

John :)
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