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They say that you can never go home.

Hi folks.

My name is Jim and I'm a life long nerd tinker.

I was a member of a now defunct forum for 14 years and I miss the daily interaction and banter among fellow nerds, helping when I can, and asking the occasional ridiculous, though I'd like to believe thought provoking, science oriented question.

I registered elsewhere, but frankly the community seemed a bit .. stuffy. Or maybe I was just weirded out being a newb again. I didn't think I'd necessarily fit in to a certain other audio place (although there is likely familiar faces there) - as audio really isn't my thing - and so now I'm going to try my luck here.

Hoping to hang out here and make some new mates, although I likely won't be able to spend the time here (life and all) that I once did elsewhere.



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Welcome, what are your interests? Digital? Programming? Analogue etc.

Well, my "interests" went south with the AMC Gremlin. 70's date coded silicon. The 6502. Making a Commodore PET talk with a hacked Speak n' Spell. Nixie tubes and Decatrons. Pretty useless these days, and no time to catch up - but I still love the craft if not tending to turn my nose up at using a micro to flash an LED.

I decided awhile ago that a circuit built doesn't necessarily have to have a "purpose" beyond the enjoyment of creating it - something I call enginartistry. For example, a wrist watch constructed on a bit of fluorescent painted perfboard cut to fit a tin of smoked oysters riveted to a 1980's faux leather "Billy Idol" wrist band utilizing an HPDL 1414 and an RTC SRAM from a photocopier.

I suppose I've just reached that point where I no longer have to (pretend to be) serious.
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Got on there during my divorce, lol - long nights at work. There to the very end.

Funny, "here" feels kind of like life at the moment. Newb here, and new job after 20+ years (layoff last August - now a marine fitter/mechanic) and a newb there again too. Feels weird going from strut to keeping my head down until I get to know the place.


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This is a friendly place.
We have some respected Gurus in different sections.
We haven’t had any cliques or bad attitudes here in quite a while.
Nice to hear.

Although electronics has been a life long passion since I was shorter that the 60's defunct TV chassis my great Uncle Harold gave me to play with as a child - I would literally curl up to the thing and fall asleep after a long day of work hardening the components free - I really never became that good at it.

Well, I once thought I had. Before the internet I was the smartest electronics guy I knew. :D

I am a man of science in it's purest form. If I'm wrong, then I've just learned something. I have no ego to present and take no offence to being corrected.

Just looking for new like minded mates here.

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