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Just saying hello

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Hi everybody,
I thought I'd make my first post here and wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.

Warmest Regards...


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Welcome. What is your area of interest? Analogue, digital, coding etc.



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I've been programming for a number of years. Before that, I did digital and analog design.
Op amps, TTL and CMOS. I've done vacuum tube design as well.

I'm retired now, so I just tinker with designing guitar pedals.

I've programmed in C,C++, C# and Pascal. But all of that was done on DOS / Windows.
I've been tinkering with Lazarus /FPC (I really like what they're doing over there) The same with TDragons' GCC and Code::blocks

I thought I'd cut my teeth on a MIDI keytar design. So I went and bought a few PIC chips (18F452,24FV32KA302)

I have many questions, so I figure I'll just read, lurk and learn for now.

Ian Rogers

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Been reading some of your posts... Happy to have you on board..
I've been tinkering with Lazarus /FPC (I really like what they're doing over there)
I love it..... The interface is great and I can do almost anything and more than I used to with VB6... No runtime either!!! I messed with MIDI some years back... I had a full sized keyboard that interfaced to... First a 128k speccy and Second an Atari ST... I use pic18's and 32's but never messed with the pic24 / 33's....

If I can help, I will...
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