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temperature sensor LM35

Discussion in 'Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews' started by civictypeR, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. theertock

    theertock New Member

    Oct 20, 2010
    i have some confiusing question..
    for my project im use pic 16f877 with lcd n lm35 sensor..
    i have their code for mplab and c++ only..
    who can help me how to change it to microchip stdio compiler?

    the code is:

    Device 16F877A
    Declare XTAL 4

    Declare LCD_TYPE 0 ' Type of LCD Used is Alpha
    Declare LCD_DTPIN PORTB.4 ' The control bits B4,B5,B6,B7
    Declare LCD_RSPIN PORTB.2 ' RS pin on B2
    Declare LCD_ENPIN PORTB.3 ' E pin on B3
    Declare LCD_INTERFACE 4 ' Interface method is 4 bit

    Dim ADC_Result As Float
    Dim Temp_Float as Float

    ADCON1 = %10000000 ' Set all to analogue inputs (PORTA)
    TRISA = $FF ' Declare porta as all inputs
    Delayms 150


    ADC_Result = ADIN 0
    Temp_Float = ADC_Result * 5000 / 1023 ' to reduce decimal error
    Print At 1,1, Dec1 Temp_Float , 0, "C "


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