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telehpone call magnification circuit

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I found this circuit in old book about electronics and this circuit related to PHILIPS company.
this circuit is used to magnificate the telehpone call when it put beside the telephone.
I want to ask about the transformer coupling i don't find it . how can i make it or replace by R coupling or RC coupling ?
i need help
the picture is attached



The circuit is really old, early 1960s.

It uses poor quality germanium transistors and a distorting audio transformer both of which will be very expensive.

Use a modern op-amp such as the TL071 which can drive 2k headphones directly or add an LM386 to power pair modern 32R headphones.


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You can get mag pickups for telephones complete with suction cups. Putting it over the earpiece gives you the benefit of the phones internal anti-sidetone circuit.


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Old phones sprayed a magnetic signal all over the place. Then this old circuit worked fine.

Some modern phones do not have an earpiece that produces a magnetic signal for a coil to pick it up. They must be labelled, "hearing aid compatible".
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