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Switching circuit

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I am making a IR remote door lock and need some help.

Basically I have a IR emitter and receiver. The receiver is connected to a relay which in turn is connected to a latching solenoid which will move the door bolt. When i press the IR emitter button the relay closes for a second and the solenoid is powered.

What i need help with is that when i press the IR emitter button again, in order to de latch the solenoid i need a negative voltage on it.

To sum up you press the button once the solenoid extends, you press the same button again and the solenoid de latches.

Thanks in advance for the help. Alex


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H-Bridge driven by an edge-triggered flip-flop gated by a timer.

(Logic is easy to do with a $1 8pin dip 10Fxxx or 12Fxxx Microchip; still need the H-Bridge).
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