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switch between LDO and switch regulator

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Hi all,
I need to design a regulator that could get a regulated 3.3V out of 4V to 36V range. And again, looking back at LDO and switched, and seeing their efficiencies, I came to conclusion that it would be better if I could use LDO and Switched regulator simultaneously by implementing a kind of "if condition" in hardware to choose LDO when i/p voltage is less than 10V else choose Switched regulator.
Did anybody out there came across similar design. Could you please give some design circuit that would enable me do this. May be I need to use some sort of comparator.

Thanks in advance



Without doing the math, it seems possible to use a single buck converter (depending on your load) that could work from 4-36V. If it got too close to 4, you could build a buck/boost. I have a template from some simple converters that I can post if needed.
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