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Standard LCD 7 seg display question

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Dan (gearhead)

New Member
Hi. I'm working on modifying an existing simple counter using Pic16F84A and a 7 segment display(1 row 4 signs) driven by a PCF8577 lcd direct/duplex driver with I2C-bus interface.

I'm going to use a 3 key keypad to count up and down and have the ability to change between 4 counters and zero counters and to have a little circuit checking the battery level to determin when to save the 4 counter datas to the eeprom...

I have written the code that works on the current counter but now I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a lcd 7 segment display with the driver already attached to the display(on a small board or something)... This because I want to cut the size of the current circuit board and make it more compact...

The thing is that the current display is quite small 23.7*13.7 mm (with 1 row and 4 signs) and that seems hard to find..even harder to find something that already has a driver attached...so if you've ever come across one please let me know..

The display I'm using now:
The driver:

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