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Spring Loaded Pin ... need advice


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I have this one in my sights:

The issue im running through is in my mind.. I am unsure of how i get the height needed.

My board will sit 2.56mm off of another and i have a PAD on the PCB that will fit this nicely. What i dont understand is the compression part.

It says full height is 2.78mm .. i can see that clearly but that 2.1mm is that the most it will compress? If so that means i can use this perfectly right?

My board would have to be between 2.1mm to 2.78mm correct?

Or about... 2.2 -2.77mm .


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"Working travel" is 2.78 to 2.23mm.
The *most ideal force is created at half stroke, which would be approx. 2.50mm.
Your 2.56mm is pretty close to the half stroke force.
2.1mm is the dimension of the body, which houses the spring and the piston.
You would not want to reduce the distance between the PCB's below the lower limit of "Working travel".

EDIT: the *most force would be created when the gap between PCB's is <2.1mm, but then you are distorting the PCB's. :oops:
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It says on the right stroke :0.6mm. It's also got the travel.

Mike LMBO i noticed that like 2 minutes after i posted this and i feel like a fool. But yay! Thanks guys

Mickster yeah i noticed that. The body doesnt mean it would always go in all the way but i got the info now. Thanks again

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