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Solar80 Charge Controller Repair and Diagram


I have had CZ2 (8 uf capacitor) go bad in two of 8 units. Dont toss them. The capacitor starts leaking at higher temps and stops charging. I replaced them with a 10uf 16v electrolytic and no problems.

In 3 of the units with Part#s 1211V3.0 the outputs chatter on and off when they turn off.
the other units with part#s USB4.0A and USB6.0 don't have the problem.

Anyone else noticed this problem? And know of a fix. Solar80_MainBoard_1211V3.0.JPG Solar80_Ours.jpg


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Hi N11 I installed a similar controller , some years ago ,and it started to chatter recently , not had chance to look at it yet , Its not the same manufacture but display is the same... thanks for info . may be very useful ..
edit CZ2 anything special ?


bad (leaky)CZ2 causes no battery charging. I never did figure out what causes the Outputs to chatter.
I have 8 of the controllers and only 2 of them have the problem of chattering output.
the part numbers on the boards are the same on the two that chatter.
I only use the outputs on 2 of the controllers, so I just put the ones that chatter where I don't use the outputs.
I think the chattering problem is in the programing of the chip on the ones I have.
Be carefull testing around D3 the opto isolator , I toasted the PLC chip P3 I think I touched the scope ground between the chip ground and the solar panel negative NOT Sure but b carefull working in that area
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