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So How Fast is Your Internet Speed? Test here & Post!


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internet speed

Mine is:

46 kbs down
462 kbs up
50ms ping

Landline , and very cheap. Fast enough for forums anyway.


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5456 kb/s Downstream.
395 kb/s Upstream.
33ms Ping.
> 50 Miles from test server.

Very reliable - never been unable to connect due to host (Nildram) being down, but had to have BT replace drop-line last year.

Very happy overall. :)


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Wish I could say mine is that reliable, but then, it's wireless.
It's a bit like a woman - temperamental.

Sometimes just requires 10 mins time alone to be able to reset.:)


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733kbps/103kbps. I have dsl instead of cable because fios is just around the corner (literally-people just a few blocks away have it already).
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colin mac

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888 kb/s down
98 kb/s up

El cheapo 1 meg package.

The college server goes up around the teens somewhere. Browsing is the same
but downloading files makes all the difference.


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Hi Papabravo,
Why are you still using dial-up?
I switched to cable about 10 years ago.
I dunno -- Comcast sold it to me for high speed, with Power Boost no less.


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HiTech, what are you using, a fox with benzine up the backside? Those are super bandwidth.
T3 service = 44.736 megabits per second

A T3 connection is often called a DS3 connection, and although they seem to be different, they can actually be used interchangeably. A T3 line is similar, yet faster than a T1 connection. A T3 is high-speed line, powered by DS3 Technology, capable of delivering 44.7 Mbps (44,700K) in both directions.


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129 Kb/s down
14 Kb/s up

but breaks the conection about 3 a 4 times an hour so few Mega bites down loads is basicaly imposible to do without having the errors

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26193 down
7182 up

this is very funny because we are only paying for 10mbps cable and i get double that......and i am on a wireless network with a crappy base model G router.
well "pirating.....we were tough to share"


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WOW I'm now getting 4.991 mbps down, 654 kbps up. ATT DSL.

I hadn't checked my speed in many months and I was always getting around 1.9-2.5 mbps down. However I purchased a new custom build computer about a month ago. I had a 4 year old Compaq desk top running XP SP2. It had all the crap oem software and of course the latest Norton internet security package. Boot time was getting just awful plus the original ATT/Yahoo DSL software had lots of wierd utilites and stuff. Anyway I was expecting the new machine to solve the slow booting problem and I avast AV software instead of Norton. However I never suspected my basic DSL speed to improve at all, what a pleasent suprize.

Lesson is stay away from the mass produced big vendor computers if possible and Norton is nothing but a pig these days :p


The Mad Professor

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4585 Kbs down 362 Kbs up

AOL hell ASDL , 15 odd miles from nearest telephone exchange
Midnight Friday

A bit slow but then things are busy at this time online , British Telecom reckon the line is good for 6 Mbps and have had results top out at 5.5 Mbps on a quiet day.


20028 kb/s download
1433 kb/s upload

I 'm surprised, since sometimes it just seems to craaaawwwwl.



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250 Miles from server, 250 Metres from exchange, 130ms ping, Supposedly 16mB Sky broadband.

9794 kb/s down.

588 kb/s up.

That'll do nicely for me meefinks.


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