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So How Fast is Your Internet Speed? Test here & Post!


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Mine was
8551 Kb/s down
943 Kb/s up


1117 down and 1108 up, this is at the school after hours with everyone gone. I wonder what it'll be in the morning?


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I have cable high-speed Lite because it is CHEAP.
997kb/s download and 257kb/s upload.


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12,078 kb/s Download
2,748 kb/s Upload

Server was 50 miles away in Toledo, OH


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Hi Papabravo,
Why are you still using dial-up?
I switched to cable about 10 years ago.


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Internet speed

Nobody can top that: :)

33kbs down - 3kbs up

(wireless modem)



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483 kb/s down
285 kb/s up
Crappy DSL. :rolleyes:

Nigel Goodwin

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Mine came out as:

1630 kbps
489 kbps

I'm pretty pleased at that, as I have a very poor phone line :D

A recent change to ADSL2+ seems to have helped considerably, before I was only on 1Meg ADSL, and that tended to be lost for hours at a time - I was never informed of the change, but reliability seemed much better, and my router now reports it as ADSL2+.

The router gives my connection as:

1902 kbps
605 kbps

and it's been connected for 8 days, 14 hours, and 56 minutes. Not that long ago it would never work during the day at all, and only seemed to connect after 9:00PM :(


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HOME: 1273 and 405
SCHOOL:1050 and 850
It is part of a package deal where I get Internet, local phone, and VOIP for a fixed fee. The last time I checked, to get more speed I would have to buy the services separately which would be a bump of about $50 a month for the next level of Internet service.
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From a server in Toledo Ohio
15,561 kbps down
8680 kbps up
56 ms ping

From a server in Hamilton, Canada
15,800 kbps down
15,560 kbps up
57 ms ping
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Hi Nigel,
Isn't it amazing that you can have such a high data rate on an ordinary phone line?

In the '90s I measured the audio frequency response of two telephone lines at work because the sound was muffled. 3kHz was down 12dB! I complained to Bell and they said it meets the spec' of -7.5dB for one-way.
Then I made equalizers for boardroom tele-confrence systems to boost 3kHz to make the sound crisp and clear. Every one I demo'd was sold.


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I'm using a 2.6GHz proprietry wireless solution.
Here are my results:
892 kbps down.
207 kbps up.

Seems to have slowed, was 989 kbps in March, maybe to many new users in the area.
Damn. That such. Another year or so, and I'll lick dial-up speed.

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