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So how did you're 4th pyrotechnics go ?

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Well, the title speaks for itself ?

How many were successful ?

Me personally I didn't set any up this year, working too much so I didn't get a chance to do any state hopping to get any this year.


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I didn't do anything myself, which is unusual, funding and lack of interest I guess. Normally I try to celebrate America by blowing a piece(small) of it up, but in NY you don't see those kind of goodies.

However this site might be worth a view, some videos lower down, we're still waiting for the guy with the big displays mounted on his machine to post the video.



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but in NY you don't see those kind of goodies.
Uhh dude, that's what state hopping is for, just find out what states have legal fireworks, then go about 2-3 months before the 4th, don't go to one right across the border, find one a good 10 miles into the state, that way the cops can't just sit on a bridge, watch you go to the warehouse, and come right back.

Make several trips only carrying a small amount each time, that way if you get caught you're only caught with a few, most likely the cops will just confiscate them and fine you, depends on the state, my state they take everything and slam you with a nice $500+ fine.

That's what home made fireworks are for... SHHH!!!

I had plans for making my own, but couldn't get them to work right with the design I had, basically it an Estes model rocket filled with gunpowder, magnesium, and liquid phosphorus (green or purple flames, can't remember the color.)

Also an engine 2-3 stages higher than the recommended so it can carry the extra weight, but since the engine leaves a small gap, the gunpowder will fall out, and if you have terribly bad luck, it'll leave a solid trail back to the ground, so when it goes boom, a small stream of fire will follow and set you aflame if you're too close.

Or it will catch the gunpowder when the engine ignites, and go BOOM!!! 20 feet away from you.



Fireworks making supplies. Get yourself some potassium chlorate and some aluminum powder(finest grade, like dust). Mix about a half teaspoon of each, carefully, it can be sensitive. Put it in a tube and make a firecracker out of it. You'll crap yourself, it's about ten times stronger than the stuff they use in M-80s.

You can roll a tube on the end of a rocket engine, I like the C6-5, add a teaspoon or two of the mix and seal it up with a napkin and some caulk. Don't make it to heavy. Tape it to a thin dowel ( 1/8") and fire it off. At night you'll see a flash way up in the sky and hear a boom about 2-3 seconds later.
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