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Single pulse latching relay?

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IMG_0571.PNG IMG_0572.PNG IMG_0571.PNG IMG_0572.PNG I'm working on a project for school, it's basically a IR controlled fan with 9V DC. Basically you press any button on a tv remote and the IR sensor ( TSOP 1838) picks up the signal and outputs it to the fan and the fan spins. Problem with this is I have to continuously keep a button pressed on the remote for the fan to spin. I want to only have to press it once and have the fan power on. I want to use a latching relay but not sure how I can incorporate it. To my knowledge I've only seen relays that require 2 different signals to turn "off/on" the relay.

I just ordered a bistable 2 cool latching relay online but not sure if I'll be able to use that. My circuit only has 1 signal output, is there any way I can wire the relay to make it need just 1 output? Really need help for my project!

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Can you post a link to the relay, or provide its spec (coil current, voltage, contact arrangement)?


Googling "4013 relay circuits" and/ or "555 timer relay circuits" should give you a starting point for your circuit idea.


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You can use a 555 and 4017 to create a signal for the relay use 4 outputs with alt outputs blank
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